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BuyTheWay is the creation of four friends, Heng Keyne, Faisal, Jun Jie and Kokkin to enable people to buy things from overseas easily and securely.

It all began when Jun Jie was planning a trip to Japan when all three of us had requests for items. This was when it occurred to us that there wasn’t something out there to enable us to buy that particular backpack, Lego or Starbucks mug from Japan.

From there, we set out to create a platform to connect Requesters like the three of us with Travellers like Jun Jie. Requesters would not have to wait for someone they know to travel to that specific destination to get the item that they want. By circumventing conventional shipping, Requesters would also save time and money while Travellers would get to earn extra money while they travel. BuyTheWay makes sure that the interests of both parties are taken care of.

As users ourselves, we aim to create a service and experience that will enable our users to have access to unique items all over the world and are amply rewarded at the same time. With BuyTheWay, we hope you find yourself no longer feeling constrained, but free to buy anything and everything you have always wanted.

Buy the world today with BuyTheWay!

Founders of BTW

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