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STEP 1 POST As the Requester, post a request of the item, including the details and the price you are willing to pay.
STEP 2 ACCEPT & PAY Once a Traveller offers to help, determine if the offer is right for you.

Upon agreement, your payment is held safely with BuyTheWay.

If the  Traveller doesn't fulfill the delivery correctly, BuyTheWay will ensure that the Requester is refunded.
STEP 3 TRAVEL & BUY Wait for the Traveller to return with your item while the payment is held by BuyTheWay
STEP 4 RECEIVE & ACKNOWLEDGE When the Traveller returns, BuyTheWay ensures that you receive your item timely and in good order.

Payment is then released to the Traveller once you have given the A-OK. Enjoy your item!

Payment & Fees

^BTW Fee: (7% * Agreed Price) + RM5
Courier A : if Traveller chooses to walk-in, RM5* reward to Traveller & RM5* refund to Requester
*RM20 for items that weigh 3 to < 9kg; RM10 refund, RM10 reward

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